Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are you ?

Okay so I just wanted to do this post because I am sick of people asking me What are you? I'm black, I'm African American - why is this not an acceptable answer. Just because I have "curly" hair does not make me not black. What answer would you give to this question? Has this happen to you if so please let me know.

I am amazed with so many people celebrating their natural hair that this is still happens. I am told all the time oh you have that "good Hair" what is good hair? and why do i have it? lol I would love to be able to have have a big oh afro. lol I wish we as people would not judge each other by things as silly as hair type.

What are you? Black
No what are you? African American
No where were you born? Boston

I just don't get it lol

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