Monday, November 16, 2009

Natural Hair Abbreviations.

I saw this list & thought it was great & thought I would share it

Hair Lengths:
- EL = ear length
- CBL = collarbone length
- SL = shoulder length
- APL = armpit length
- BSL = bra strap length
- MBL = midback length
- WL = waist length
- HL = hip length

ACV = apple cider vinegar

AO = Aubrey Organics

BAA = big/bad a** afro

BBB = boar-bristle brush

BC = big chop: the process of cutting off all relaxed hair

CD = Carol's Daughter

CO = conditioner only: a method of washing only with conditioners

Cones = silicones (drying agents in hair products)

CWC = condition-wash-condition: a method of washing using a conditioner first then a shampoo for it's lathering affects followed by applying more conditioner.

DC/DT = Deep conditioning treatment

EO = essential oil: rosemary, jojoba, ylang ylang, jasmine, etc.

EVOO = extra virgin olive oil

KBB = Karen's Body Beautiful

KCCC = Kinky Curly Curling Custard

No Poo = the non use of shampoo to wash the hair

Pre Poo = deep conditioning treatment done before shampoo to prevent the shampoo from completely stripping the hair

PJ = product junkie

Shrinkage = the tightening of the curls which results in lose of length.

Slip = the detangling property of conditioners. The more a conditioner detangles, the more "slip" it has.

TWA = teeny weenie afro

WO = water only

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