Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kohl's has lost their mind ....

ok so I am sure by now you have all seen this "ghetto Fab" wig .... WTF.... where they do that at ,,,, really ..... do I live in 2010 ..... what is ghetto about an afro ..... yeah I know alot of the big company are feeling the blow of the natural hair "movement" in their pockets ,,,,, but that right their was a low low low blow .... I mean really .... who thought of that ,,,,, & why was the wig on a white girl ..... huh can someone answer me that ,,,, ok so kohls has pulled the wigs off the site/shelves .... but did they really feel like they were going to get away with that ,,,,, really ,,,, ok & I hope they don;t think their 1,000 sorrys on twitter makes it ok .... smh .... what do you think .,,,, because i could go on for days ,,,,, OH & as I was looking for the picture did you know KMART had lost their minds to ..... oh yes it was on their site but is now unavailable ..... but their are other site including amazon who is still selling this mess ,,,,, just not ok ,,,,, smh

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