Thursday, June 30, 2011

Me & My Hair

My Hair June 2011

When I first recut my hair in July 2010

if you follow me on facebook ... twitter or youtube you know me & my hair are forever in a battle .... just depends on the day who wins lol .... with that being said I am really thinking about cutting off all my hair .... I mean bald .... I just keep seeing this bald head dyed brown ,,,, like a chestnut brown .... sound sexy right ... I know lol ..... beau just shaked his head .... to do it or not .... my hair has grow so much over this year it is crazy but my scissor are calling my name .... do you ladies ever get the want to cut .... have you ever thought about it or is big hair for you .... I sometimes want a big ole afro but not as much as i want a bald head .... who knows I guess we will all see .... so tell me have you ever thought of cutting all your hair off .... or is big/long hair for you =)


  1. Oh Sarah!!!! I love you and your hair!! Very inspirational! I love both looks!! (And accessories!!)

  2. Girl, you are a mess! I have thought about recutting. Just seem as though mines is taking forever to grow to a longer length. So I figured I would just start over. I do want the big, long healthy hair though! But I have not decided yet. You look Fabulous both ways so I am sure you will rock the bald look too!!!